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When "re-creating" this blog, I wanted to change the "style" I was using to something that looked better. Only problem was that I wanted to add a web counter (from Statcounter) on the page. I ended up learning the Perl-like programming language of the S2 style system, and created a new style of my own with a new "user layer" overwriting some function in the code generating the sidebar. Overkill? Yes, but very cool once you learn how it works. The coolest thing is that this super-flexible system of generating pages in LiveJournal is open source and in Perl.

I also looked for a Mac editor, but I decided to simply not bother. The web interface is "good enough", and since the preview is in my Firefox browser I can use the excellent LinkChecker extension to check for typos in my external links in my post.

I still have to find an automated way to automate backups and to use 24-hour format for the timestamps, but I'll do that later.


Already changed the layer to use 24-hour format. That was too easy...

Published on September 11, 2005 at 14:26 EDT

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