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Reading this book about the Spring Framework made me curious about what are the web development frameworks that are used "out there". Then I found this list on the site for the Wicket framework.

So many to choose from! And all the authors of these always say "mine is better"! Would making your own framework be easier than figuring out which one would be the best out there?

If you think about it, a web development framework should tackle issues such as web forms, object persistence, page navigation as the result of those web forms, validation, security, presentation and so on. I'm surprised that there could be so many ways to solve those design issues...

As I try them out myself I'll post here which ones stand out of the crowd, by their bold design decisions, their quality, or just because I like them. As you can guess, Wicket and Spring MVC are already two of them, but there are more. Stay tuned...

Published on September 9, 2005 at 17:10 EDT

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