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After that streaming music week I did in August, I still ended up missing two streaming music services: An obscure German personalized streaming radio one, and a new colossal failure.

The streaming music radio service called Aupeo has been there since at least 2009, and I completely missed it. It competes fairly well with the likes of Jango Radio, but with a far bigger music collection and incredibly fine-grained genre stations. It supposedly has ads and limits on the number of skips and mobile devices, but since it starts with a two-week free trial of the “pro” version that has neither of these, I can’t tell how annoying those limitations are in the free version. The “pro” package is available at $50 per year, which feels a bit too expensive in light of a complete lack of a listening history nor any sharing option. But then the music selection is amazing, and already I discovered a few songs I had to add to my Rdio collection…

Speaking of Rdio, there’s a new service that is supposed to compete with it, called Deezer. I said “supposed”, since (at least in Canada) there’s no way to create an account other than by connecting through a Facebook account. Even if the free accounts are limited to 30-second song previews. Really. Why ask your paying customers to be walking social billboards is beyond me. It’s not like there’s already an established service that doesn’t require Facebook for the same price…

Published on October 11, 2012 at 21:40 EDT

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