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  1. If you missed out on that whole "flappy bird" thing, check this from @terrycavanagh: a Super Hexagon, but sideways
  2. Turned on IPv6 on my Nest Wifi on @TekSavvyBuzz VDSL and it actually worked?! Various IPv6 test sites show my IPv6 address and perfect “test scores”. Is this the future?
  3. …in reply to @benad
    After all those years, "Remember The Milk" is still the best "TODO" task list service. #rtmstats
  4. Wonderful (Super Hexagon) via @YouTube
  5. Blog Post: C# and Doxygen
  6. Well, beat all my records on Super Hexagon in one sitting. Thus, my day is done.
  7. Sorry, but trying to open a @squarespace support ticket from mobile Safari is akin being kicked in the balls. I'll try email next time.
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    @Brular @MiklCraw4d One day kids will ask us why it's called "Quarter Pounder", and we'll say it's because it sold for £ 0.25
  9. Blog Post: Super Hexagon and McPixel
  10. @squarespace While we’re here, it would be great if posting from mobile wouldn’t require an app. What about a simple web form?
  11. Blog Post: Spaceward Ho! for iPad
  12. Blog Post: iOS games: The Hacker and TweetLand
  13. Bell just lost a customer forever. Corrupting the CRTC to kill competition? Your business plan is to give out bribes!
  14. Windows XP SP2 RIP: end-of-life on July 13 for 32bit version
  15. 1st day of vacation: learning "ed" cli editor. For my "street cred".
  16. Hmmm... Camomille...
  17. I installed the @rememberthemilk iPhone app exactly 10 years ago today. It's the first iOS app I ever downloaded, and still using it.
  18. …in reply to @TotallyChoice
    @TotallyChoice It's been two months and we're still waiting for a patch of the physical release on Switch.
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    @TotallyChoice When we will get the patch for the physical release? Or will you patch only the digital release?
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    @Brular No, I'm lucky. The Borg just keeps growing. (Translation: I work for Microsoft and my team is hiring.)
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    @Brular Well, news just broke that the Twitter offices are closed until Nov 21. Don't know why he's so paranoid about "sabotage": The devs left gigantic piles of undocumented code and servers with nobody left that understands how it all works.
  22. Blog Post: More Modern CLI Tools
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    @dstayton1 This? Lenovo Debuts First Foldable PC Set to Launch in Mid-2020
  24. I wish @audible_ca would offer yearly subscriptions (with rebate) in Québec. I think I'll just "gift" to myself a 12 months subscription every year.
  25. Blog Post: Python 3.7 on CentOS 6