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  1. In case this place burns down, my contact info will always be up-to-date on or . I'll explore Mastodon servers this weekend.
  2. I'm staying here until the servers crash. I was on Twitter when it was based on SMS and its web version was an afterthought.
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  6. Just realized I’m not supposed to participate in any Xbox or Microsoft contest anymore. Oops.
  7. Feels weird to remove the $NUAN ticker from my stocks apps after all these years.
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  9. Turned on IPv6 on my Nest Wifi on @TekSavvyBuzz VDSL and it actually worked?! Various IPv6 test sites show my IPv6 address and perfect “test scores”. Is this the future?
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  19. I installed the @rememberthemilk iPhone app exactly 10 years ago today. It's the first iOS app I ever downloaded, and still using it.
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  24. I wish @audible_ca would offer yearly subscriptions (with rebate) in Québec. I think I'll just "gift" to myself a 12 months subscription every year.
  25. This Apple Watch update for @audible_ca is completely broken. Can't control the audio from watch anymore. Watch app crashes if trying to play uploaded audiobook. Has anyone tested this? @audiblesupport
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  27. Second time this week I lost running water, without warning, on 30 C days. Guess I'll buy bottled water and call 311. @LePMR
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  31. So I guess @CraveTVCanada doesn't work today (can't login with Crave account). Is that what we're paying $2 extra per month for? Can't remember last time I had Netflix login issues.
  32. All Bluetooth headphones that charge with USB should support USB as a digital audio source. My Sennheiser PXC 550 is the 1st BT headphone I've used that supports it, and it's amazing. Lossless digital end-to-end.
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  34. So I had to reinstall a bunch of @StandardNotes extensions to make them work again. Listed Action was missing, and after reinstall I lost the @benad user name on listed forever. This is still horribly buggy. Waste of money.
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  36. So my YouTube suggested video list is now full of clickbait and contrarian titles. Like a reviewer who wrote a bad review to a Rotten Tomatoes 100% score. Or “The Top X Worst” you can guess a mile away. Hey, at least no video of dead corpses found in the woods. Yet.
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  39. On Ubuntu 16.04, just ran “less file.pdf”, expecting the raw data. Pleasantly surprised to see formatted text instead.
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