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  1. …in reply to @Brular
    @Brular I’m this for now:
  2. In case this place burns down, my contact info will always be up-to-date on or . I'll explore Mastodon servers this weekend.
  3. …in reply to @Brular
    @Brular No, I'm lucky. The Borg just keeps growing. (Translation: I work for Microsoft and my team is hiring.)
  4. …in reply to @Brular
    @Brular Well, news just broke that the Twitter offices are closed until Nov 21. Don't know why he's so paranoid about "sabotage": The devs left gigantic piles of undocumented code and servers with nobody left that understands how it all works.
  5. I'm staying here until the servers crash. I was on Twitter when it was based on SMS and its web version was an afterthought.
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  9. Just realized I’m not supposed to participate in any Xbox or Microsoft contest anymore. Oops.
  10. Feels weird to remove the $NUAN ticker from my stocks apps after all these years.
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  12. Turned on IPv6 on my Nest Wifi on @TekSavvyBuzz VDSL and it actually worked?! Various IPv6 test sites show my IPv6 address and perfect “test scores”. Is this the future?
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